Project Proposal: INTERNA by Alessandro del Pero

Our contemporary world lacks the unknown and the invisible, the ambiguous and staged. Buried under positivity and an uninterrupted drive for productivity, people hardly pause to experience themselves.

The exhibition INTERNA revolves around the idea of silent introspection and a research for our true identity. 

In keeping with the current Zeitgeist, Alessandro Del Pero portrays his subjects through a commissioned selfie and, during the painting process, adds precisely those visual adjectives that enable the visitor to dig into the psyche of the subjects. The paintings, portraits of self-portraits, reflect the condition and ideas of an era in which humanity has to be forced to pause. At the same time, his large canvases from the Wired series represent both physically and metaphorically the dialogue between the inner and outer world, through which he draws back the visitor into that sphere in which a confrontation with the self is made possible. 

Presented as a project at Kunsthalle Zürich in July 2020. For more info, please email