Aerobanquets RMX – Food and art in VR

The AREOBANQUETS RMX are immersive, sensorial experiences in VR/AR focusing on the perception of taste.

Inspired by the Futurist Cookbook, the (in)famous Italian book of surreal dinners and recipes first published in 1932, the Aerobanquets was premiered at the Chronus Art Center in Shanghai in Spring 2018.

Aligned with the futurist notion of a “total work of art”, the AREOBANQUETS RMX is a veritable multisensory journey that leverages virtual and augmented reality ( VR/AR ) technologies.

Part manifesto, part artistic joke, the Futurist Cookbook was a collection of recipes, experiments, declamations and allegorical tales, furthermore, a provocative, visionary work about the future of nourishment, which well ahead of time touched on issues of post-capitalistic societies and labour that are so relevant nowadays. AREOBANQUETS RMX is inspired by these notions and presents its content in form of lunar ice cream, candied atmospheric electricity, nocturnal love feasts and sculpted meats.

The project is a collaboration with chef Flavio Ghignoni Carestia, who created an original menu based on the futurist cooking style.

Image: Immersive Gastronomy Experience, VR headsets, hand tracking, motion tracking, custom software, 2018