Myeongsoo Kim, Ice Melts Only In Winter

Myeongsoo Kim

Ice Melts Only In Winter

curated at ROOM SERVICE, Brooklyn NY

 Ice Melts Only in Winter is the first solo exhibition in New York by Korean artist Myeongsoo Kim, curated at ROOM SERVICE Gallery.

In his most recent production, Myeongsoo Kim captures through the lens of his camera distinct landscapes and urban environments to successively re-contextualize them with found objects and pictures of his personal archive. This methodology sometimes facilitates glimpses of a narrative discourse, other times requires a more active role by the viewer towards the comprehension of the work.

The title of the exhibition is a contradiction. A reference on natural and uncontrollable forces, yet colored with a dash of romanticism: the impossible becomes real, loss becomes transformation instead of disappearance.

In Kim’s work, the frame is not a functional support nor has the mere role of documenting a moment of life. Cut, bended, trapped, and rarely alone, those images function as a looking glass promptly asking to being freed from the habitual way of understanding, while the frames become an essential element of the work itself, almost taking over the original intention of the pictures.

Ice Melts Only in Winter is a journey on the edge of fading relations and merging inner selfes, a slide on an ever-changing surface.

Myeongsoo Kim is a Korean artist, living and working in Brooklyn, New York.
He holds an MFA from Yale School of Art.


Friday July 31, 2015 (7-9 pm)


July 31 – August 15, 2015 (Fri and Sat and by appointment)

Closing and Summer Party

Friday August 14, 2015 (7 pm – open)





ROOM SERVICE Gallery  485 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 /

ROOMSERVICE is a new space for artistic and cultural experimentation devoted to the dissemination of site-specific projects, new media based art works and critical discourses around the curatorial practice. ROOMSERVICE was founded by Mattia Casalegno, Sarah Crown, Francesco Lecci in Spring 2015.