I Magnifici 9: New york is back!

Chelsea, Brooklyn, Lower East Side and one big news: smartphone application on canvas!


Pay attention to Silvio. A Pistoletto-like atmosphere @Bruce Sprinstein Gallery. On stage the mirroring artworks by the Milan artist Silvio Wolf. The show is composed by ink-prints on mirror-plexiglass and dibond delving this exhibition into an elegant and energetic atmosphere. One of the most interesting openings of the week!


Massimiliano-Gioni-@-Francys-Aly-@ David-Zwirner-480x640

One of the most attended openings? Francis Alÿs @ David Zwirner. The gallery is invaded by visitors, no access to the VIP lounge. Among the visitors the Italian couple à la mode Massimiliano Gioni and his sweet heart Cecilia Alemani. Zwirner, who has his own movie theater in the gallery, shows the latest film by Alÿs made in Afghanistan Real / Un-Real. And while the film offers a particular glance on daily life in Kabul, the painted works (already in Documenta 13) denounce the impossibility of representing reality in manual created images.



A highly scholarized exhibition with the group show RealitiesNew Century Artists curated by Jackie Pavlik.
The gallery, that is focusing on minority artists from under-represented communities, shows the works by Erol Gunduz,  high speed prototyping 3D objects, a wall- installation by Heather Van Uxen Lewis and then Jackie O. Pavlik, who obtains my special award for the creation of an artwork with the use of a smartphone application. How it works? Download the app on your smartphone, hold it in front of the artwork (in this case a canvas) and see a video starting. Who’s seeking for young promising artists should definitely step by!



The friend, the artist, the object. As usual a high quality selection @ The Artist’s Institute. It’s not a case, The Bigger Picture has been curated by Haim Steinbach, who’s research is concentrated  since 40 years on the significance of making art through the dialog and the encounter with a hundred’s (thousands) of artists.



The contemporary version of l’Art brut. James Fuentes invites to a latin-alternative ambient in which he shows Forget about the Sweetbreads, a focus on sculptural works realized in ceramics and 7 or influenced by the technique of this material. Everything seems to be a little bit too pop and urban style, Jean Dubuffet would be very proud of, we aren’t maybe of the same opinion.


Kevin-Cooley_Skyward-3@ Boiler-Pierogi-Gallery-480x580

The world upside-down. Kevin Cooley exhibits in a  breath-taking space: The Boiler of Pierogi Gallery, a former powerhouse in North Brooklyn. Inside, the total dark. A huge mattress on the floor, calling to lay down and to watch to the ceiling to enjoy Skyward, latest video by Cooley that depicts Los Angeles and it’s artificial landscape through a very exciting point of view: “upside-down”.


Group-Show_She-2-@ Kathleen-Cullen-Fine-Arts-480x360

Scent of woman. A female show @ Kathleen Cullen Fine Art. Emancipation, independence, strength, outrage, provocation for a complete female show.  No men is graced, no topic is a taboo. Visitors are smiling, none is bored and there’s a lots to discover.


Group-Show_About-Space-@ The-ArtBridge-Drawing-Room-2-480x320

Small is beautiful. The most tiny gallery of Chelsea? It’s the case of ArtBridge Drawing Room on 26th Street. Inside an old storage closet, it’s definitely one of the most interesting opportunities to see how a really little space in Chelsea can become of huge interest. We’re waiting inquiring the upcoming schedule where artists and curators will struggle with the space and try to overpass the limits.